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A core component of all the services I offer is an emphasis on facilitating the intrinsic relationship you have to the biological mechanisms that influence your emotions, thoughts and actions.  This is different from traditional talk therapy which often takes months and sometimes years for an adaptation in these dimensions.  And, often the adaptations are temporary because only the surface of the phenomena has been uncovered, leaving the root to continue to affect your emotions, thoughts and actions in new- novel ways.

Together we will explore the underlying mechanisms that are impacting your overall health and well-being.  From this place of secure appreciation of the self, down to the cellular level, you will become more adept in your relationships with others, the health choices you make, and experience a deep connection to the undeniable significance of who you are.

Individual Psychotherapy

Holistic Individual Psychotherapy will address your health from the cellular level all the way out to the connection your have with the living world.  Depending on what you want to address in therapy we will create an individualized plan to deliver you to the health and wellness you’re seeking.  This will be a combination of the work you do during our time together integrated with the application of this work outside the office between sessions as well as occasional referrals to other skilled health professionals.

During our time together you will explore:
  • The core circuits that drive your lived experience.
  • How these circuits activate feelings and emotions that underlie your decisions, actions and self perception.
  • How your decisions, actions and self perception have become reliant on preserving past attempts to escape some sort of threat.
  • How these preservation attempts have become hardwired into the deep structures of your brain, inaccessible to the present day, conscious knowledge of your-self and the world.
  • These preservation attempts may have been adaptive at one time, however, in your current environment they may be creating imbalance
  • You will learn to tap into the vastness of your unconscious landscape and safely navigate fragmented, unconsolidated material from your past.
  • Over time, this material will be integrated into the present day, into wisdom's earned and a compassionate, reestablished-self providing the fertile ground for reconsolidation.
  • This opportunity for reconsolidation liberates trapped energies and stuck patterns.
  • It will redirect you from the spinning that occurs from living habitually and deliver you to deeper more fulfilling relationships with yourself and others.
  • Your efforts will allow you to feel a profound sense of intimacy with even the basic activities of daily life.
  • With less of your attention occupied by internal habits or difficult memories, you will have an enhanced connection with your senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting in new novel ways.
  • You will develop a more authentic connection to yourself and the world around you, including the people in your life, people unknown to you and all the elements that animate your experience.
  • You will develop the tools for self regulation. And, although there are many rewards from our healthy interdependence with others, you will develop a greater capacity to trust your thoughts, emotions and actions.
  • You're efforts can unlock blocked potentials and passions fortifying your immune system, unifying your goals, and bringing flow into your daily activities.

Couples Counseling

Holistic Couples Counseling is different than individual psychotherapy in that during our time together we will explore the rich histories of both individuals and the combined history of the partnership. Couples are often unaware how much of their past is replayed in the present relationship based on neural pathways that were developed by passive observations from our early relationships and repeatedly rehearsed, constructing our present day expectations for communication and worthiness of love and intimacy.

At Holistic Psychotherapy of Marin we will address the whole human being both individually and as a system.  The couple becomes a living organism unto itself and when a component or many parts of the system are in imbalance the entire system overcompensates. This can quickly spiral out of control and leave the whole system fatigued and reliant on external, unsustainable remedies that further derail opportunities for connection.  This can lead to mistrust, resentment, blaming, shaming and an overall sense of being unsafe.

It is our goal to restore the vitality and emotional resonance of the partnership.  We will work together to deepen the emotional connection, restore intimacy and learn to value each other’s unique experience.

Common Relationship Struggles Include:

  • Lack of satisfaction and enjoyment with your partner
  • Lack of intimacy or diminished interest in sex
  • Persistent miscommunication
  • Infidelity
  • Differing ideas of roles, rules, and expectations
  • Difficulty transitioning to a parenting relationship
  • Excessive anger
  • Inherent differences in lifestyle decisions (having children, religion, career)
  • Extended family conflicts
  • Inability for your partner to get why you are hurting
  • Having the same arguments over and over again
  • Keeping the relationship functioning through one partners’ addiction, past abuse, or chronic illness

Emotional Brain Training

I am the Clinical Research Director for the Method and offer both individual coaching and groups through the emotional brain training website ( ebtconnect.net ).  I also teach several courses in the Professional Certification Program designed for professionals who are ready for a paradigm shift in their practice.

"In the EBT paradigm, joy is not happiness, but the state of the brain in which we have neural integration; that is, brain fitness, where stress is low, and we feel a slight surge of pleasure in our bodies. That is the optimal state for health, and the passion and desire to live an exceptional life. You learn about how your brain works, so you know what the tools are doing and can picture them operating in your brain to stop the cascade of stress hormones and to activate surges of feel-good neurochemicals. You learn how to become comfortable processing your emotions and training your brain to become hooked on natural pleasures and joy.

Before we understood more about the nature of the emotional brain, most people thought that stress was bad, and wanted to avoid it at all costs. Now we know differently. In EBT, you will learn how to move through stress back to joy, but also, to use stressful moments as “moments of opportunity” to change your brain. When we are stressed, we shut down feelings or ramp up (hostility, depression, panic, anxiety, shame). In those moments, if we use the EBT tools, we can quickly move to joy, and at the same time rewire the circuit that caused that stress."  ~Laurel Mellin -Founder of EBT

If you are interested in this intensive approach to developing the tools for self-regulation and rewiring your brain to a set point in joy then please visit Dr.ArinnTestaEBTProvider. The stepwise EBT practice includes weekly professional facilitation, workbooks, videos, audios and membership to the EBT mobile applications.

Workshops & Presentations

Please take a look at the News and Events tab to see a snapshot of workshops and presentations. Some of the topics covered are Sensory Pleasures, The Biology of Stress & Health, Eudonic Yoga, Working Memory & Stress, Psychopharmacology & Your Health, The Biology of the Stress Response System, Anger & the Promotion of Spiritual Aliveness, EBT & Attunement, Resilience & Action in a Crisis, and many more.


I'm available for consultation on many different topics significant to neuropsychology, health psychology, forensic psychology, psychopharmacology, addiction, research, parenting and childbirth.  Please click here to contact me for more information.  

      Holistic Practices

Brain Based Application
        -Emotional Brain Training (EBT)

Theoretical Foundations

-Jungian Analytical Psychology

-Attachment Theory

Somatic & Trauma Re-consolidation Applications

-Somatic Experiencing (SE) -Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
-Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)


Eastern Philosophy Influences


-Guided Visualization



Couples Counseling
   -Gottman Couples Therapy

-Sexual Crucible Couples Therapy


Body Movement & Touch Therapy

-Movement & Dance

-Massage & Shiatsu/Acupressure

Women's Health

-Prenatal and Postpartum Doula, Support & Education
-Fertility Challenges & Choices
-Menopause Support
-Life-Cycle Support

        Integrative Medicine Rites
        -Open to On-going Clients only